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Is Wing Sauce from Kroger – United States Halal or Haram?

Is Wing Sauce from Kroger – United States Halal or Haram?

According to eHalal, Wing Sauce was manufactured in United States with the Barcode of #0011110858900 and distributed under the Kroger brands with the food categories of .

Under the Food-based dietary guidelines from France is classified as /Nova 4.

Nutrition Level

Serving size / serving quantity: 15 g (1 Tbsp) / 15
Energy /100g: 699
Energy from Fat /100g:
Fat /100g: 16.67
Saturated Fat /100g: 0
Carbohydrates /100g:
Sugar /100g: 0
Fiber /100g: 0
Proteins /100g: 0
Salt /100g: 4.90982
Sodium /100g: 1.963928
Food category: unknown & unknown

Ingredients: cayenne pepper sauce (cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, garlic), distilled vinegar, canola oil, water, salt, lemon juice (from concentrate), egg yolk, modified corn starch, caramel color, sugar, spices, anchovy puree, natural flavors {contain soy}, and tamarind), onion powder xanthan gum, garlic, dehydrated garlic, black pepper, natural butter flavor (soybean oil, natural flavor, turmeric and annatto, tocopherol).


Number of Additives: 4/e150c,e160b,e307c,e415

Carbon Footprint /100g Animal or Fish:

Certification Label: