Is Quenelles de brochet sauce Nantua from Bofrost – France Halal or Haram?

According to eHalal, Quenelles de brochet sauce Nantua was manufactured in France with the Barcode of #0000069162176 and distributed under the Bofrost brands with the food categories of Meals,Quenelles,Fish quenelles,Pike quenelles.

Under the Food-based dietary guidelines from France is classified as d/Nova 4.

Nutrition Level

Serving size / serving quantity: /
Energy /100g: 586
Energy from Fat /100g:
Fat /100g: 11
Saturated Fat /100g: 5.5
Carbohydrates /100g:
Sugar /100g: 0.6
Fiber /100g: 0.5
Proteins /100g: 4.6
Salt /100g: 4.9
Sodium /100g: 1.96
Food category: Composite foods & One-dish meals

INGREDIENT Quenelles de lucio 43% (huevo, agua, harina de tngo tierno carne de Lucio 13%’ aceite de colza, Lactosa y proteina léctea, sal), salsa Nantua’ 56% (agua, nata, salsa de tomate, crustéceos, caldo de mariscos (langosta, cangrejos, jugo de cocción de crustéceos (cangrejos, langosta, camaron boreal), sal), concentrado de tomates, almidon modificado de patatas, vino blanco, aceite de girasol, sal, cognac, azücar, espesante (goma xantana), pimienta negra).


Number of Additives: 2/e14xx,e415

Carbon Footprint /100g Animal or Fish:

Certification Label:


Last Updated on January 11, 2021